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  1. Wine Shop Liquidating! Everything must go!

    June 17, 2015 by Chris Battle


    Everything in the store is for sale! Make me an offer. See below for particular items I’ve featured. Everything in the store is sold as is, with no warranty. There are no exchanges or refunds.

    Please come by during store hours. I will have too many reponses to reply to everyone individually by email or over the phone. I simply cannot take phone calls with specific questions.

    Tuesday 12 – 4 pm

    Wednesday 12 – 4 pm

    Thursday 12 – 7 pm

    Friday 12 – 8 pm

    Saturday 12 – 5 pm

    The Address is

    214 Dominion Road, NE

    Vienna, VA 22180

    I am unable to help you remove or transport the items. Make sure you can move it out of here. The shelves and the like are fixtures and need to be removed.

    There are desks, computers, printers, chairs, file cabinets, and office supplies!

    Please bring boxes and or wine bags, I am out of boxes!

    All wooden wine crates are sold.

    There are 5 wine racks as seen below. Please email offers.

    20150611_160511_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail






    There are 12 Shelves that a lot of people are interested in. Make an offer by email. This is a lot easier for me to handle than your coming into the shop. They are 47.25” wide and hold 11, 12-bottle cases (132 bottles total). I will help wine customers first. I cannot assist in disassembly or moving,

    20150611_160637_Dominion Rd NE20150611_160633_Dominion Rd NE






    There are some boxes of wine glasses for $5

    Folding Tables – there are 11 – $50 each, OBO considered if you buy all or most.

    20150611_160324_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail

    18 packs of these are sold for 1999 at costco, or $111 each. Link below. 6 feet long. Linens available for the tables at $5.′-Professional-Grade-Table-Collection-18-pk.product.11642668.html



    Folding Chairs 30 available. 26 are style seen below, 4 are similar. – $15

    20150611_160434_Center St N

    costco link, 4 packs are $26 each.




    Wine Maps on Posterboard – $20.20150611_160403_Center St N





    Shelves below left – $50, Rondel below right, make an offer.

    20150617_121251_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail20150617_121307_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail










    Avanti Ice Maker $620150611_160532_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail0, it worked before I unplugged it last week.












    There are many more items for sale. Come take a look and make an offer

    20150617_133727_Dominion Rd NE20150617_133759_Dominion Rd NE20150617_133807_Dominion Rd NE20150617_121251_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail (1)20150617_133814_Dominion Rd NE20150617_121307_Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail (1)20150617_133707_Dominion Rd NE











    20150617_133715_Dominion Rd NE










    Hours will remain the same.

    Tuesday 12 – 4 pm

    Wednesday 12 – 4 pm

    Thursday 12 – 7 pm

    Friday 12 – 8 pm

    Saturday 12 – 5 pm

  2. Generator 5600W, $150 OBO

    June 7, 2013 by Chris Battle

    We’ve decided to part with our generator as well.

    Again, $150, OBO, so please make an offer. This will be gone by Tuesday.

    5600 Watts, 10 Horsepower, Sears Craftsman, purchased 2007, has started over 16 times, and started easily last month when I was getting ready for the summer rain. As-is. I will help you get it into your car.

    Cell: 240.350.7759


    Chris Battle
    Reservoir Road

    Generator Side View, Craftsman 5600W

    Generator Side View, Craftsman 5600W

    Generator Front View 10HP

    Generator Front View 10HP

  3. Moving Sale

    June 5, 2013 by Chris Battle

    We hope to be moving soon and would like to lighten the load.

    Both Items are $150.00 or Best Offer, so make an offer!

    Both Items will be gone by Monday afternoon. I will help you move them into your car. To avoid any problems, I simply cannot reserve these items on hold. You can certainly inspect them, but I will sell them to the first person who hands me the cash from a mutually-agreed-upon reasonable offer.


    My cellphone number is 240.350.7759. Someone is likely to be at my house all day, everyday through Monday, so we should be able to find a time to see/buy the items if you want them.

    Dining Room Table and  Six (6) Chairs

    We purchased these from a vendor at Eastern Market in 2005. They were originally built in the late 1930s.

    The table has some heat and other stains (see pics), but is in good shape otherwise. The table is 61″ x 42″. It has an accompanying leaf (not pictured, in good shape) that adds 12″.

    There are 6 of the accompanying chairs. If, for some reason, you don’t love the upholstery, it’s very easy to change with some new fabric and a staple gun.

    Table, 61" x 42". Center leaf (not pictures) is 12"

    Table, 61″ x 42″. Center leaf (not pictures) is 12″

    Chairs, 6

    Chairs, 6


    IKEA Varde, Kitchen Drawer Unit

    This is this item, purchased in 2007. We use it as extra kitchen space, spice rack, and utensil/Tupperware drawers. It is pretty large. See dimensions at the link above. I have added four casters (about four inches tall) so it can be wheeled around. The casters have locking brakes and can be unscrewed easily to remove about four inches of height.

    It has some stains, pictured below. These stains can be sanded out and the top could likely be stained if you wish.

    Varde Drawer Unit

    Varde Drawer Unit

    Varde 3 Varde 2



  4. O’s in First Place

    September 5, 2012 by Chris Battle

    With the O’s in 1st place in september for the first time in a long time, I’d like to share this video from earlier in the season:

  5. Peonies Finally

    May 3, 2012 by Chris Battle

    The peonies are finally in bloom. My favorite flowers. We planted these about two years ago.



  6. Juventino

    February 25, 2012 by Chris Battle

    Lengua y papas.


  7. Hi.

    February 20, 2012 by Chris Battle

    Hi , I’m going to use this page for several different purposes. I’ll likely mainly use it to try new ideas and widgets for building a few websites. I help my wife with her store’s website at and I’ve built

    I’m new to blogging and assume this will be my only post for a long time since I’m not sure how I could make this interesting. I am way too self-conscious to really blog well, I think, but we’ll see.

    I’ve got some interesting things going on soon, so hopefully those things will pan out and I’ll have a much more interesting blog. This feels way to much like journaling to me for me to want to do this.